Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guest Post: Photographing your Children

Well, where do I start? The lovely Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey invited me to write a paragraph on the one thing that I absolutely love, photographing children. Of course I jumped at the chance, photographing children can be so much fun but every session has its challenges even for us seasoned photographers. I am a natural light, location photographer so I offer something unique and take a different approach from your usual studio portraiture.

Firstly, I think location is everything, I take the time to research where I think the portraits could look good and it helps to tell the story.

Time of day is crucial to getting the best light for your outdoor portraits the early morning or afternoon sun works best. Of course you can use open shade or window light any time.

Styling your family or children for the portraits also is a great way of pulling the photo all together. A colour story for timeless portraiture of subdued shades looks great but of course for something more edgy brighter shades can look good too.

Make sure your children are rested during the day especially if doing your photos in the afternoon.

Don’t take it too seriously, kids have a small attention span and just want to play, words of encouragement, singing songs, making funny noises are all guaranteed to get your little ones smiling.

Happy snapping, Maureen xx

Maureen Haynes Photography is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland ~ Visit her at her website or blog to see more examples of her beautiful work. Maureen has also very generously offered all Your Cheeky Monkey readers 10% off a portrait session and any subsequent purchases.

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