Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm loving...

Bullying. As a Mum of 2 young boys it certainly is a topic I think and worry about. I would hate my sons to ever experience being bullied - on the other hand I would also hate them to be the instigators of bullying towards another child. So I have been very interested recently to come across a program called "Learn to be Buddies", created by Amanda Gray. If this is a topic that is affecting your family I highly recommend the "Dave is Brave" products available through the Learn to be Buddies website. "Dave is Brave" tells the story of Dave as he defends himself from Golly, the bully. The products help children of all ages learn language, assertiveness and reconciliation skills. I was lucky enough recently to win a copy of the DVD, and I must say I was very impressed watching it with my Sons aged 3 and 4. It really gives you an opportunity to discuss this issue with your child and answer any questions they may have. A big thank you to Amanda for these brilliant products, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

As you all know I am passionate about all things handmade, all things Australian made, all things organic, and all things natural. If you love all these things too then have a peek at Thea & Sami - A Brisbane based design studio that hand screen-prints organic and natural fabrics with water based non-toxic inks. Their online store also offers some beautiful clothing and homeware items. And if you are in the Brisbane area Thea offers Screen Printing Workshops - they look absolutely heaps of fun!

Are you expecting a baby? Amanda at iLiv Cards does the most gorgeous Birth Announcements I have ever seen. Its such a super busy time after you have a baby, but it is also important to send out those 'Thank you' cards and what better way to do it than with a gorgeous photo announcement and thank you in one. She also does invitations of all sorts, and is happy to design something unique to your hearts desire!

And thanks heaps to Melissa of the Business Mums Network for recently posting Your Cheeky Monkey as the Business Mums Network Site of the Day. Melissa is very generously promoting businesses each day in this manner and even posts them on Facebook and Twitter. You can read Melissa's interesting blog post about how she is managing to fit all this extra work into her schedule HERE.

A while ago Your Cheeky Monkey was also featured on the "Grow~Achieve" Blog, which was just fantastic - a big thank you to the Grow~Achieve team!! And you can read the full post HERE.


robyn said...


it is so good to see that the topic of bullying at school/workplace is now a topic that is discussed and not like it was when i was a school - swept under the carpet. as a victim of school and work bullying it is great to see any program that addresses this topic.


Cackleberry Kids said...

Last year we were so horrified and upset that our little guy (who had just turned 3) was being bullied by an older boy at daycare (he was 4!!).

The most frustrating thing was that the daycare didn't want to believe it was happening even though we later found out that 3 little boys were being bullied by this same child.

It really broke my heart to see my 3yr old suffering from such things and in all honesty I never ever thought that I would have to deal with it and learn how to handle it so early in his life...

We later found out from our local PCYC that bullying is starting so much earlier these days and the average starting age for a "Bully" is now 4 years of age...

Thanks for writing about it and I agree that it is so very important to talk about and learn how we better handle it from all sides.


Thea said...

I had no idea that bullying starts so young. Public awareness and education is certainly a positive start to combating this problem. PS thanks for the mention.