Sunday, January 3, 2010

The history behind this product..

Most handmade products have a bit of a story behind their creation.  I thought I would share with you the special story behind my favorite handmade baby set product.

Handmade Baby Gifts
When I started Your Cheeky Monkey, I had an aim to share my love of certain products and philosophies - in particular with regards to certain things I have not only loved making, but loved seeing the enjoyment of use by my own children and that of others.  I have always given handmade gifts for new babies, they are just so much more special than mass produced products!

Why Crochet Bunny Rugs
The baby products I am most passionate about are my handmade Bunny Rugs - I originally made these for my own sons for when they were born (way before Your Cheeky Monkey came into existence), and they are probably one of the things I most enjoy making. The idea for these originally came from two flannelette baby wraps (or light blankets) that I have from when I was born that were made for me by MY Mum! These did not have a crochet edging, this is something I decided to incorporate as the craft I adore most.  I just love using flannelette too as babies LOVE flannelette - it is soft and snuggly and warm!

The Creation Of
Each one is unique, made from lovely thick flannelette with a co-ordinating crochet edging. They take me MANY hours to make, however it truly is a labor of love and I believe that each and every one goes to its tiny new owner infused with this love.  They are lovely and large (each one well over 1 meter x 1 meter) - large enough that you will find they get used right through to pre-school as a special blanket or lap quilt. Most newborn baby wraps measure a measly 75cm x 90cm!!

Bunny Rugs to Baby Sets
Now you know the history of these products, I am sure you will agree that the name "Heirloom Baby Bunny Rugs" is well suited... they are truly a handmade item that will not only be used and loved but will be put carefully away for the next generation.

So if you are looking for a very special newborn baby gift, or that something unique for your own baby, have a little peak at the Handmade Bunny Rugs I have available at Your Cheeky Monkey.  Plus you can incorporate most into matching baby sets with a Burp Cloth!

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