Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Using up the Christmas Ham

If you are anything like us you are trying to find ways to finish the Christmas Ham without being too sick of it by now. Here is a macaroni cheese recipe I whipped up tonight that was budget friendly, a winner for the whole family, and super easy to make. Enjoy :)



500g packet macaroni pasta

60g butter

2 T plain flour

2 cups milk

Dash cream

1 cup grated cheese

Small tin creamed corn

About 1 cup diced ham

1 large tomato sliced

Extra ½ cup cheese grated


1. Cook macaroni according to packet instructions

2. In another large saucepan gently melt butter then beat in flour until thickening and bubbly (be careful not to burn)

3. Slowly whisk in milk over medium heat then stir until starting to thicken

4. Stir in a dash of cream, the grated cheese, creamed corn and diced ham

5. Leave on low and stir occasionally until macaroni is cooked

6. Once macaroni is cooked and drained, mix the pasta and sauce together then tip into a large casserole dish

7. Place tomato slices on top of pasta then sprinkle over the extra grated cheese

8. Bake in moderate oven until lightly browned on top (approximately 20 minutes)

9. Allow to cool slightly before serving

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