Friday, December 11, 2009

Some recommendations from me

Thought I would do a quick mention of some other businesses I know and highly recommend:

Jayne Day Nutrimetics
Swish Lily
Noteable Designs
Green Chickadee
Cackleberry Kids

Why not have a quick visit to each one, sign up for their newsletter and a bit of a browse :)

I also received an email from a new online Marketplace a few days ago "Ethikl" inviting me to list some of my handmade products there, which i have been very happy to take up. This is how Ethikl is described:

"In the tradition of a local farmers market, Ethikl caters to small
artisan producers who use organic, natural, or recycled ingredients or
make their products by hand and have limited exposure. Sellers have the
opportunity to set up virtual storefronts to post their wares and share
information. One of the main aims of Ethikl is promote and support the
ethical consumer movement and encourage shoppers to make positive buying
decisions, such as favoring ethical products, be they fair trade, cruelty
free, organic, recycled, re-used, or produced locally."

A great philosophy and it is something I am excited to be involved in!

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Annette Piper said...

Thanks for letting us know about Ethikl - looks like it could be a great place for artisans to get their wares 'out there'!