Saturday, December 19, 2009

How COOL are these!

Masterchef was one recent TV program that captured the interest and passion of Australia. Recently over at Planning with Kids, the gorgeous Nicole wrote a review on these fantastic new kits for kids from Masterchef - Junior Masterchef Kits. There are 8 different kits all up, including the cake kit (pictured above, which i was lucky enough to win in the Planning with Kids Giveaway!!), a cupcake kit, and even a pizza kit.

The best thing about these is the factor of encouraging kids to get in the kitchen and get creative. My sons always help me bake, but now I can see they will want to be getting out their special kit to bake cakes every day! Oh oh, maybe I'd better find some low-cal recipes!

These would be just perfect for a gift for any little boy or girl - they are practical and fun, and something you know would not get chucked in the back of the cupboard never to be seen again!

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