Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Purely Natural Living" Review


Soaps to me would have to be one of the most essential and well-used family products. Whether in the bath or shower, whether it is Dad or Bub, soap is used every day in our household – and probably yours too!

Purely Natural Living is a company that specializes in handmade soaps and bath salts – and I have been enjoying sampling a range of their products (along with the excellent technical input of my two sons!).

I’ll start with the soaps. Before even using the soaps, I liked how they were presented – I could tell they are handcrafted, however the imperfections and the labelling and wrapping are what make them different from the mass produced soaps, to me much more appealing. Next an inspection of the labels was a nice surprise – ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and goat’s milk dominate along with added lye and essential oils and the other odd ingredient. Lovely! It is so nice to use something on my skin that is not just a list of weird numbers.

Listed below are the soaps I was given to try along with some comments about each one.

· PURE OLIVE OIL with lavender – beautifully presented soap in a fancy shape, with a light lavender scent. Just gorgeous to use, and would make a terrific gift for your Mum or Grandmother.

· SPEARMINT & SEAWEED SOAP – I thought this a very unique soap, the smell is refreshing and uplifting and my husband likes using it as much as me. Great for morning use.

· PSYCHO SOAP – Well the name alone catches your attention doesn’t it! This one has lots of yummy scents including amber and patchouli – but the interesting feature is the red lather. I like using this just to see the red bubbles, and of course its heaps of fun for the kids to use.

· BARE NAKED SOAP with Goats Milk – To me this is the stand out soap. I just adore using it - it is so soft and creamy and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight or dry at all. This one has no scent or colour so is perfect for babies or those with skin conditions. I am now a big fan of Goats Milk Soap for my whole family and will continue using it.

I also was lucky enough to try the Bath Salts. Not surprising, I have to rave about the Goddess Bath Salts – just the name alone is enough to win me over let alone having an excuse to bathe in a sea of pink bath salts with rose petals… take it from me, you just have to try these! I managed to sneak a bath in at the end of a very stressful day using the Goddess Bath Salts, and afterwards felt like a new girl!

The great thing about the Purely Natural Living soaps is that they are so natural and soft to use I have no hesitation using them for my sons (in fact I wouldn’t have a problem using them for a baby either). I did notice that you need to take care of handmade soaps, don’t leave them sitting in a pool of water or they won’t last very long. The only other thing to me to comment on was that I thought the Business Name labels could be a little clearer, I thought they are a bit hard to read and I feel you need your business name featuring loud and clear!

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