Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Product Review - Arbonne Body

For the last week or two I have been using the Arbonne REactivating Body Serum and the Arbonne REfinish Hydrating Body Lotion as part of my daily body skincare routine – these beautifully presented products are available online from Arbonne Independent Consultant Rebecca Doll at

The first thing I noticed about these products was the lovely light orange scent. It is not overpowering or overwhelming, and it still allows the wearing of perfume without clashing (which is brilliant, I find creams that have a strong scent hard to wear as I like to use my favourite perfume in the day, and I don’t like any strong scents at night).

Following the product instructions, the Body Serum is used first. A quick couple of pumps and it takes just seconds to smooth over a little of the Body Serum. The Serum is absorbed super quick and feels quite refreshing and silky.

Next is the application of the Body Lotion. Because of using the Serum first, I found I only needed to use a tiny bit of the Lotion. It is very rich and creamy (but not at all greasy), and soaks in quickly so you don’t have to stand there for ages trying to rub it in. Using the cream each day has left my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth - even my husband has commented how soft my skin feels! And its great to use on feet too!

Even though you use the Serum and the Lotion as a 2-step product, I have found it is just as quick to use as other creams, which I was a little surprised about. Even though my skincare routines are practically non-existent being busy with children and businesses, I didn’t mind using these at all – in fact they brought a little luxury into my day using such gorgeous products each morning.

Overall, I found the Arbonne Body Serum and Body Lotion to be luxurious and effective products. The set would be a perfect treat for yourself if you need a body cream, or it would make a fantastic gift for a Mum or Mother In Law!

Visit to read more about these lovely skincare products.

I am honored to be conducting this review as part of the “Product Review Team” at CONNECT 2 MUMS – visit to find out more!

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