Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Purely Natural Living" Review


Soaps to me would have to be one of the most essential and well-used family products. Whether in the bath or shower, whether it is Dad or Bub, soap is used every day in our household – and probably yours too!

Purely Natural Living is a company that specializes in handmade soaps and bath salts – and I have been enjoying sampling a range of their products (along with the excellent technical input of my two sons!).

I’ll start with the soaps. Before even using the soaps, I liked how they were presented – I could tell they are handcrafted, however the imperfections and the labelling and wrapping are what make them different from the mass produced soaps, to me much more appealing. Next an inspection of the labels was a nice surprise – ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and goat’s milk dominate along with added lye and essential oils and the other odd ingredient. Lovely! It is so nice to use something on my skin that is not just a list of weird numbers.

Listed below are the soaps I was given to try along with some comments about each one.

· PURE OLIVE OIL with lavender – beautifully presented soap in a fancy shape, with a light lavender scent. Just gorgeous to use, and would make a terrific gift for your Mum or Grandmother.

· SPEARMINT & SEAWEED SOAP – I thought this a very unique soap, the smell is refreshing and uplifting and my husband likes using it as much as me. Great for morning use.

· PSYCHO SOAP – Well the name alone catches your attention doesn’t it! This one has lots of yummy scents including amber and patchouli – but the interesting feature is the red lather. I like using this just to see the red bubbles, and of course its heaps of fun for the kids to use.

· BARE NAKED SOAP with Goats Milk – To me this is the stand out soap. I just adore using it - it is so soft and creamy and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight or dry at all. This one has no scent or colour so is perfect for babies or those with skin conditions. I am now a big fan of Goats Milk Soap for my whole family and will continue using it.

I also was lucky enough to try the Bath Salts. Not surprising, I have to rave about the Goddess Bath Salts – just the name alone is enough to win me over let alone having an excuse to bathe in a sea of pink bath salts with rose petals… take it from me, you just have to try these! I managed to sneak a bath in at the end of a very stressful day using the Goddess Bath Salts, and afterwards felt like a new girl!

The great thing about the Purely Natural Living soaps is that they are so natural and soft to use I have no hesitation using them for my sons (in fact I wouldn’t have a problem using them for a baby either). I did notice that you need to take care of handmade soaps, don’t leave them sitting in a pool of water or they won’t last very long. The only other thing to me to comment on was that I thought the Business Name labels could be a little clearer, I thought they are a bit hard to read and I feel you need your business name featuring loud and clear!

Find these beautiful handmade products at the Purely Natural Living online store -


I am honoured to be conducting this review as part of the “Product Review Team” at CONNECT 2 MUMS – visit to find out more!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I love Goats Milk Soap!

After being fortunate enough to try the Goat's Milk Soap for a review on Purely Natural Living products (watch this space for the review!) I can tell you right now I was hooked.

Goats Milk soap does not leave your skin dry or tight, it is fantastic for those with sensitive skin (and those who like to use something simple and natural on their skin).

In fact I love this soap so much I asked Rebekah to make some batches for me - one for Baby and one for Mum.... they are now in-store at Your Cheeky Monkey, make sure to try one with your next order!

YCM Goat's Milk Soap for Gorgeous Girls & Mums
YCM Goat's Milk Soap for Bubs & Tots

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The FUN Theory

Its not very often I post a video (well this is my first time to be honest) - but I saw this over at The Tall Poppy Blog and really enjoyed watching it.

It explores the theory that you can encourage people to do something they won't normally do (like using stairs instead of an escalator) by introducing a FUN element - however I especially liked watching the enjoyment on people's faces!!

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kids Learning IS Fun!

My sons at the ages of 4 and 3 are reaching the age of being exceedingly interested in letters, numbers, learning to tell the time, etc etc. I just love it actually, and as a parent hope that this thirst for knowledge and learning continues on through the school years.

To me, deciding to have a baby and raise a child is a huge responsibility - and one of our jobs is to facilitate and help this learning process in tandem with their teachers and mentors at pre-school and school.

While having children of a pre-school age this is quite an easy process to simply take the time to help your child learn their alphabet, how to write their name, how to begin telling the time on an analog clock (yes ok I'm old-fashioned!!). But do you like me find it a daunting prospect the thought of helping your child in school?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to WIN from the gorgeous Jodie Maher at Kids Learning is Fun 2 books - "How to help your children" Subtraction Sums and Addition Sums.

If you follow this blog you will know that I have purchased educational products for my sons in the past from Kids Learning is Fun, and have been SO happy with them. These books are no different. While they are not applicable for me right now they certainly will be in a couple of years time. They are both 18 pages long of very detailed help for you as a parent to help your child learn these vital skills.

At Kids Learning is Fun you will also find a huge range of other products to help your child including reading, writing, spelling, literacy, the alphabet and numeracy.

So whether you are looking for products to help your child in a particular area they are having trouble with, or just general FUN learning products, Kids Learning is Fun is the place to go!

And YES Jodie produces all her products in each states requirements!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Somehow I Won!!

I am actually sort of freaking out because the Your Cheeky Monkey Blog has WON the Parenting Category in the Business Mums Network Blog Awards!!

I personally didn't think I stood a chance considering the other amazing blogs in the awards, it certainly must have been close running between everyone.

A huge congratulations too to the other category winners:

Business: WAHM Biz Builder
Environment: Twinkle Lily
Women: Inside Out Style

As you can imagine, I feel very honored to be a part of this group of Women Bloggers, and I am now looking forward to continuing writing and posting here.

Thank you so much everyone who took the time to nominate and then vote for me. Its a lovely feeling to know people are reading my blog and enjoying it too!

A big thank you too to the incomparable Melissa Khalinsky of the Business Mums Network for everything she does not only with the Blog Awards, but for the Business Mums Network, the Business Mums Magazine, and for Mums in business in general. Melissa was one of the first people I turned to when I started Your Cheeky Monkey about a year ago and I have the greatest admiration for her in so many respects. Thanks again Melissa!


HALLOWEEN MADNESS OFFER ~ For every order over $90 at Your Cheeky Monkey receive a $15 Coles Myer Gift Card OR a $15 i-Tunes Gift Card!

See details RIGHT HERE!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hair Accessories for Babies and Girls

Little girls and baby girls look just so cute when they have funky little accessories in their hair.

So I was so excited a few weeks ago to get to know the gorgeous Christine at 4 L'il Darlins - and I am now very happy to let you know that she has designed and made a range EXCLUSIVELY for Your Cheeky Monkey... from single clips to the most beautiful birthday packs, all at a very affordable price.

Have a look at the whole range in-store NOW right {HERE}

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Set 22nd October

Today's Super Set is now uploaded onto the website! If you have a baby boy anywhere between newborn and 12-18 months this one is for you!! Only $21.90 - Find it HERE!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Business Mums News

If you are a follower of this blog, you would know that one of my favorite publications is the Business Mums Magazine.

Well in this mornings mail was a letter informing me that it is on hold for a couple of months so it can be re-evaluated to be back early next year bigger and better than ever! I just noticed too that on the Business Mums Network Blog Melissa has written a post explaining further the reasons behind her decision (see the post HERE). While I am missing receiving my Business Mums Magazine fix, I am looking forward to seeing the re-launched magazine!

Just a reminder too that the voting for the Business Mums Network Blog Awards finish on Friday so get over there now to place your votes! (Don't forget there are prizes to be won simply by voting!). I am a finalist in the Parenting Category so a vote my way would be much appreciated!

You can go directly to the voting page HERE. Thanks!

Friday, October 16, 2009


As a serious chocoholic, I am always trying to find justifications of just why chocolate is good for you. I found a very satisfying post at the EP Designs Blog with these excellent points:

* I could give up chocolate but I’m not a quitter.

* A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.

* Life without chocolate is like a beach without water.

* I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process…. It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?

* Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. So, eat lots of chocolate! Elaine Sherman

* Simply put… everyone has a price, mine is chocolate!

Right, just popping down to the shop to stock up ;-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Set Thursday 15th October

Super Set Thursday is a one off offer of a value pack of products. The rules of SUPER SET THURSDAY ARE:

* Theme will vary each week
* There will only be limited numbers of each set, once sold out these will not be relisted
* Any remaining sets will be deleted at the end of that Thursday
* Normal flat rate post charges apply

The theme of this weeks SUPER SET is:

LITTLE GIRLS TREASURES - A selection of special products to suit a toddler right through to teens.

1 x Pink Googly Eye Bunny - Your Cheeky Monkey handmade

1 x Mini Tote - Your Cheeky Monkey handmade - Funky Jungle animal print outer from rescued furnishing fabric with a beautiful blue butterfly print inner.

1 x Dolphin Print Face-cloth with groovy crochet edging - Your Cheeky Monkey handmade PLUS

1 x A bar of beautiful Cherub Rubs soap to go with the face-cloth

AND lastly, to celebrate our gorgeous new exclusive range of girls hair accessories from 4 L'il Darlins:

1 x 3 pack of Bow Ties Bows on elastics in pink, red and purple.

Please note fabric print placements etc may vary slightly from picture shown here.

RRP approx. $60 - TODAY THE PACK of 5 items is $36 - that's 40% off!!

** Don't forget we have a flat rate post so feel free to add to your order and post will still be the same.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Product Review - Arbonne Body

For the last week or two I have been using the Arbonne REactivating Body Serum and the Arbonne REfinish Hydrating Body Lotion as part of my daily body skincare routine – these beautifully presented products are available online from Arbonne Independent Consultant Rebecca Doll at

The first thing I noticed about these products was the lovely light orange scent. It is not overpowering or overwhelming, and it still allows the wearing of perfume without clashing (which is brilliant, I find creams that have a strong scent hard to wear as I like to use my favourite perfume in the day, and I don’t like any strong scents at night).

Following the product instructions, the Body Serum is used first. A quick couple of pumps and it takes just seconds to smooth over a little of the Body Serum. The Serum is absorbed super quick and feels quite refreshing and silky.

Next is the application of the Body Lotion. Because of using the Serum first, I found I only needed to use a tiny bit of the Lotion. It is very rich and creamy (but not at all greasy), and soaks in quickly so you don’t have to stand there for ages trying to rub it in. Using the cream each day has left my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth - even my husband has commented how soft my skin feels! And its great to use on feet too!

Even though you use the Serum and the Lotion as a 2-step product, I have found it is just as quick to use as other creams, which I was a little surprised about. Even though my skincare routines are practically non-existent being busy with children and businesses, I didn’t mind using these at all – in fact they brought a little luxury into my day using such gorgeous products each morning.

Overall, I found the Arbonne Body Serum and Body Lotion to be luxurious and effective products. The set would be a perfect treat for yourself if you need a body cream, or it would make a fantastic gift for a Mum or Mother In Law!

Visit to read more about these lovely skincare products.

I am honored to be conducting this review as part of the “Product Review Team” at CONNECT 2 MUMS – visit to find out more!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another fantastic YCM Review!

A HUGE thank you to one of my lovely customers who has written the following review on her blog Bub & Moo!

I ran into Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey on a chat site and had a look at her store. It mostly consists of hand made toys, bags and other useful things for those of us with kids. Plus a few things for Mummies.

That day I bought one of her fair trade Tuttu Turtles (as pictured below) which came in a special pack at a great price on a Thursday (though it was Friday she reopened it for me) with a Monkey finger puppet and fair trade embroidered backpack. These will all be stocking stuffers for Christmas this year. I also got a pack of the fregie sacks. What a great product! They are made in Australia and you use them to put your fruit and vegetables in instead of plastic bags.

I imagine I'll be back for more as I usually get more than 5 things at a time but glad to do my little bit for the planet and they are very cute colours! Plus she has 16 other uses for them listed on the site.

Some of the other products I've been eyeing off include the recycled Jeans bags (get your own Guess bag no-one else owns!) and I love this matching set of red skulls beanie/taggie for boys

But you really must check out the Googly Eyed Bunnies which are handmade using fantastic patterned fabrics and have safety eyes so little ones cant pull or chew them off! No two are the same.

I also must say that the service was excellent! Being in Perth you usually wait about a week for deliveries but I ordered Friday night and it was here by Tuesday, plus it had the added suprise of a Chuppa-chup that I have eaten while writing this blog, lol.

Thanks Monique for your great store.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Will you vote for me?

Bit excited to let you know I am a finalist in the Business Mums Network "Australia's favourite blog by a business mum" Awards! - And in the parenting category too (yes I know, I am surprised too I thought I would have been in the running in the business section!!).

What this means is I was in the top 5 positions of votes received in the nominations - WOW!!

So if you enjoy my blog I would love a vote - voting is very quick and easy, you don't have to be in Australia (oh and you can win prizes too just by voting!!) - voting closes 23rd October but why not zip over there now and place your vote?

Just click {HERE} to go straight to the voting page - and thanks!! I'm up against some super good blogs so every vote counts!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's Super Set - JUST FOR YOU!

The theme of this weeks SUPER SET is:

JUST FOR YOU! - A selection of products to spoil yourself, and to be able to sample some of our stock at ridiculous prices!

1 x Large Fregie Sack

1 x Mini Fregie Sack

1 x Handmade Mums Bath Mit in white

1 x Handmade Mini tote ~ outer tone on tone hibiscus print rescued furnishing fabric with a gorgeous 100% cotton inner featuring shoes and handbags - EXCLUSIVE design just for this stocking!

1 x Organic Twinkle Lily Cloth Menstrual Pad in a Smiddsie Size ~ Once you try a cloth pad you will be hooked! (May be Purple Poppies or Blue Swirls design)

1 x Sani-Safe Hand Sanitiser - Sani Safe contains moisturisers and is pH balanced to be gentle to the skin, and it contains no fragrance, preservatives or colouring agents (perfect for after baby's nappy changes or to keep in the car!).

RRP approx. $60 - TODAY THE PACK of 6 items is $36 - thats 40% off!!

Find them HERE

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some great gift ideas

Earlier this week I made a purchase of some little bits and pieces from Annette Piper Jewelery to put away for Christmas gifts - yes its that time of year again to write those gift lists and start buying when you see something suitable.

A while ago I was lucky enough to win a prize from Annette which included one of her Charms - well I just love mine, it hangs off my handbag strap and looks very cute :-)

These will make very cute gifts for girlfriends - and they are only $12.50 each! Go HERE to find Annette's current selection.

You can also visit Annette Piper Jewellery at her blog Under The Loupe.

The other great little gift to mention is the brand new "Made It Recipe Zine" - A cookbook in the format of a magazine (I was very lucky to win one from Handmade Kids a while ago!). It contains a brilliant selection of practical and yummy recipes.

These will also make very cool gifts for Mums, girlfriends etc - They are only $6 (WOW!!!) and you can find them HERE.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Toddlers Bath Mits

One evening when my two sons were having a bath, I was watching them struggling with a big face-cloth each trying to wash themselves. I really have to admit I just sat there thinking there must be a better way for them to be independent with their soap and washers!

So into the sewing room I headed to sew up Bath Mits for them to suit their little hands... and voila!! They loved them so much I decided to make up as a product for Your Cheeky Monkey.

Made from towelling cloths that are not too thick and bulky, and measuring approx. 12cm x 12cm. Available in a range of funky colours, complete with loop to hang to dry. And of course an applique of our too cute Cheeky Monkey!

These are a FREE POST item at Your Cheeky Monkey, you can find them {HERE}

Also available in a larger size suitable for Mums or bigger kids!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Two Giveaways for You

Ok I have 2 giveaways to tell you about today!

The first is a SURPRISE giveaway at Handmade Heaven - just go HERE to become a follower and leave a comment.

The other giveaway of lots of lovely goodies is at Bubba Chenille - go HERE to the post to find out how to enter.


Friday, October 2, 2009

4 Days of Fun & a Big Discount at YCM!

Hey everyone - come and join me at Connect 2 Mums today - there are heaps of giveaways and a great competition - and find out how to get 15% OFF store-wide at Your Cheeky Monkey... for those of you who know me such a big discount is VERY rare so if there is something you have been lusting after now is the time...

Plus join me for a speed chat tonight at 8pm... don't forget your choccy and wine!!

Visit Connect 2 Mums to join in the FUN!

Live Chat Lucky Numbers:
  1. Helen Aquabub
  2. Sharna Booth
  3. Rebekah - Purely Natural Living
  4. Kym Teale
  5. MJ
  6. mummy2jj
  7. Rebecca
  8. Caprice
  9. Sandy - Pure Earth Noosa
  10. Jo - The Toy Bug
  11. Rose-Leah - Blanky 4 Me
  12. Baby Indulgences
  13. Jayne - Swish Lily
  14. Nicole Grant
  15. Jodie Maher
  16. Sue - Soobies
  17. Baba
  18. Louise - Aspire
  19. Vicki - LLLL
  20. Helen Paul
  21. Kim - BBTBH

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Super Set - FAIR TRADE TODDLER

The theme of this weeks SUPER SET is:
FAIR TRADE TODDLER - A selection of some of our gorgeous Fair Trade products suitable for either a girl or boy toddler.

1 x Monkey Finger Puppet - one of our most popular products!!

1 x Wooden Turtle Pull Toy - these are so cute the shell of the turtle rotates when pulled along. Suitable for 18m +

1 x Peruvian Embroidered backpack in orange - perfect for any child's treasures! Very colourful with straps at back and a pull cord at top. Fits a child up to 6 years of age.

RRP approx. $62 - TODAY THE PACK of 3 items is $31 half price!!

** Don't forget we have a flat rate post so feel free to add to your order and post will still be the same.