Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Toy Bug Review


Much to the pleasure of my two sons, I have been honored to review a couple of products from “THE TOY BUG”.

First up is the Elephant Family Jigsaw. This is a gorgeous 3 part wooden jigsaw presented in a wooden tray with Perspex lid. This little jigsaw, even though fairly simple, held the attention of my 3 and 4 year old sons for quite an impressive time. One of them even pointed out to me (which I didn’t even realise) that one of the pieces was actually a baby elephant. The great thing about this puzzle is that it would be a lovely gift for a 1-2 year old, but it would also make a fantastic stocking stuffer for Christmas for up to around the 4 year old mark.

The things I liked about this puzzle (apart from the above) were that it is well made and very sturdy, it is made from wood and not plastic, and it is colourful and beautifully presented. The only thing I would recommend about this toy is that if giving to a younger child, remove the Perspex lid first as the corners are fairly sharp.

I also received the Cat Self Inking Stamp. Well, where do I begin with this little stamp? To start with, one of the best ways to get feedback on a toy is to actually give it to a child to use. Sometimes even with expensive toys kids will practically take one look at it and chuck it in the corner never to be played with again. This stamp starts by being fascinating to children by being made in a cat shape, and then stamping out a cute little cat picture. For some reason this has just engrossed my 2 sons!

Once again, this is a gorgeously made wooden toy that looks like it will last really well. As a Mum I love that there is no messy ink-pad to have to put up with, you just take the lid off and stamp away. Even though it looks to me like it should be stamped to death by now, there seems to be heaps of ink still in it. Which is great value! There would be nothing more disappointing than having the ink run out after only a couple of days use. I can’t wait to visit The Toy Bug to purchase more of the self-inking stamp range!

You can find these products that I have reviewed, along with a HUGE range of other educational and fun toys at

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