Thursday, September 3, 2009

Product Review - Strawberry Jam Floor Cushions

I have recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of the most versatile and practical children’s products I have ever come across.

The Strawberry Jam DesignsFamily Floor Cushion” ( is basically 4 large cushions in one. There is Velcro on each side for super easy removal of the cushions for washing – this is actually one of the coolest features of this product, as a busy Mum I hate fiddling around with silly zips or clasps and then trying to force the innards out of a too small hole (with the result that it is nearly always impossible to get the innards back inside of things!).

My 3 year old just adores the Strawberry Jam Family Floor Cushion, it is so comfy for him to lie on and watch television or to read or do drawing. And he just carries it from room to room to be where he wants!

This product is just so impressively portable - the 4 sections just simply fold over each other to make one large compact cushion that doesn’t weigh a ton. Whether it’s around the house, or to take traveling, the Floor Cushion is ideal for newborns right through to big kids.

Available in the most gorgeous funky fabrics, there would be one to suit any child’s personality. The one I received is blue, green and white stripes – just perfect for our household, boyish but not babyish so I know my sons will not grow out of it.

I wish I had come across this product years ago when my children were babies, the Family Floor Cushion is just fantastic right from newborn babies where it is an ultra comfortable and safe place to lay baby! Then the uses are endless as your child grows – a place to lounge or sleep or read or watch television, you can fold it in half or fold twice to use as a backrest or higher cushion to site on, and the best part is if you have 2 you can even use them to sleep on for adults!! My son was sick this week and the Strawberry Jam Floor Cushion was indispensable because it was so comfortable for him to lie on where ever I was in the house, it literally became a portable bed for him.

You can find these brilliant products in heaps of gorgeous fabric designs at - and I can guarantee that your Family Floor Cushion will become a vital part of your families living!

I am honored to be conducting this review as part of the “Product Review Team” at CONNECT 2 MUMS – visit to find out more!

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