Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exciting News

Well a couple of pieces of news to share with you - first is that I am so excited to tell you I have leased a small space in Handmade Heaven, which is located in Brisbane Street, Ipswich.

Handmade Heaven is owned and run by the lovely Liesa - it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Liesa, she is so helpful with any queries and from viewing the store in person now, is doing a brilliant job of running her shop and encouraging all sorts of crafty people to get their wares out there.

In the photo above is myself with Liesa as well as her Mum Miriam of Bubba Chenille. I really enjoyed getting the chance to meet Miriam as well, as we have corresponded in the past and its just lovely to meet the person behind the product. I first came across Bubba Chenille quite a few years ago after purchasing a couple of small products at one of the markets (don't ask me which one hehe the memory is not that good!).

I also couldn't resist a couple of purchases while at Handmade Heaven - one of Bubba Chenille's new bathmats and a tub of very yummy handmade Fruit Jellies. If you live not too far from Ipswich, I highly recommend visiting there if you need any sort of gift - whether its a new baby, for a man, Christmas, Mothers Day - you name it, you will find a perfect gift there.

I also had my little Tote Bags featured this week on Handmade Kids "Fabulous Friday Finds" - woohoo! You will find my girls totes HERE!


Hamperific said...

Congratulations! You must be soooo excited!

Original Mischief said...

Hi! Just had to follow your blog - your name is my name :) Monique! Visit me at and say hi! Love your kiddies line - gorgeous!!

bubbachenille said...

Hi Monique, It's a bit unerving hopping on to a blog and then seeing yourself ! I am not photgenic at all ( unlike Liesa ) but I appreciate the great plug and will work on putting you gorgeous button on my blog very soon ! Rome was not built in a day afterall! :-)

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

So exciting to have you on board...thanks for joining the Handmade Heaven roller coaster!!!!
It was so lovely to meet you too...Always nice to put a face to a name.