Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi everyone, I have just finished a couple of my crochet blankies, which can either be used as a prem bunny rug OR a comforter/blankie/lovie for a baby.

When I went to photograph this one, I noticed a couple of little marks on the fabric. I wouldn't be happy selling a product that was not in top condition, so I was wondering what am I going to do with it?

My solution is that I would like to give it away to one of my blog readers who has a baby, but the condition is that you write a review for me and blog about it, plus supply a good quality photo of the product in use!!

These measure about 50cm square, and are completely hand crocheted by myself. This one is a thick white flannelette, with a brown and white thread edging.

If you have a baby and are interested, please post a comment here (along with age of your bub and why you would like to do this). This Giveaway ends on Sunday 19th July 2009. Review must be written and blogged about by the 31st July 2009 please.

My other giveaway also ends on Sunday night, if you haven't entered already you can do so HERE.


milly2u said...

I would love to do a review for you Monique

Julianne said...

Monique as you know I am about to give birth, well any day now and would love to wrap my precious bundle of joy in a hand made blankie! I had one myself - a long time ago and have treasured it through the years as it was made by my wonderful grandmother. If am lucky enough to receive it I would be happy to tell other new Mums!

Le Bec said...

Would love to. Not sure if we qualify seeing as Wee Miss is 2, she does love a good ba-bank though.

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Awww Monique... I would happily do a review for you. I have Bubble who is 9mths and I also have 5 friends due next month. (OMG I am so behind on their baby gifts it's crazy) I am always passing on WAHM's info to create more business for us and show the extended community that sometimes their money can be put to a greater use rather than into the mass produced products on the market!! Either way I love what you are doing... I am going to blog about you anyway... OH and we get to meet on Sunday woohoo!!!

hehe xo Steph

Kym said...

I am all about handmade things, that are just so wonderful and I tell people about everything that I have that I think is wonderful, I am huge on word of mouth, lucky I am a good talker! I am trying to get some skills to make some things too but time is precious with my little blue eyed Chloe who turns 6 months in 2 weeks!!! I use lots of wraps and blankets to keep her toasty warm, be it in the pram, in bed with Mummy and Daddy, going to see Nanny and Pop in the Country or just playing in my gym, they are even great for a little game of boo where I hide behind the wrap, it really gets her giggling! I love reviews and always check a review before buying a product so I can definitely give you a comprehensive opinion. Hope I can be the lucky one !!!