Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photos to Share

Here is a couple of photos I wanted to share.. First is the gorgeous bunch of chocolate flowers that just arrived on my doorstep from Better Than Flowers, a most amazing prize for being awarded the Connect 2 Mums "Community Mum Award"!! As you can see my 2 sons are very keen to sample some of the chocolates! Better Than Flowers also donates $5 from every bunch to Muscular Dystrophy Australia.

Secondly this beautiful photo was just forwarded to me ~ what a super cute bub with one of my TagNCuddles. It gives me such great pleasure to see any of my products in use, or to receive an email saying how much someone's baby or child is enjoying any of our "Your Cheeky Monkey" things. So keep them rolling in please!

1 comment:

Michelle Hayward & Family said...

YAY on the Chocolate! What a wonderful gift!
That is such a cute photo of your boys! And seriously sweet of the babe with the tag n'cuddle! I just received my tag n'cuddle - what great quality they are Monique! Love it!