Friday, July 31, 2009

MooBear Designs Review

I have been very lucky to have Stephanie from MooBear Designs review one of my products. This week she wrote about one of my crochet prem bunny rugs/baby comforters, you can read the full post HERE. But read on below for her lovely comments!

Monique sent me one of her gorgeous prem bunny rug/comforter to review. It couldn't have come at a better time. I used it for Bubble while she was sick and slept with it so it had my Mummy smell and she loved snuggling it. I am a sucker for crochet at the moment and the detail on the edging is just so divine. The white flannel is soft to touch as is the crocheted edging. The changing shade of brown is very striking and would suit a boy or a girl.

There are 3 available in her store with Pink, Blue and Rainbow Edging. Also check out my favorite Zebra print gift pack...

This really would make a wonderful gift for an early baby. As well as a soft snuggle option for any age baby.

Bear has also discovered a few other uses including but not limited to:

Baby Super Hero Cape
Peek a Boo Aid
Molly Dolly's Blanket

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