Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am a very lucky girl!

Well a while ago I received an email that almost made my heart stop! I entered and won a major giveaway on the beautiful blog Lilly's Life. I have to admit I am one of those people that occasionally win fairly small prizes, but never such a big one as this - I just am not really that lucky!

So, down to business. The prize consisted of 5 prizes from individual stores, mostly etsy traders (if you haven't heard of etsy go away now!! It is VERY addictive!!).

First up is the bird wall decal from Decorette - my dining room wall is now looking very mod indeed! Pictured is just a few of the many birds included in the pack.

Next we have some girls handmade hair clips from Vanilla Pixie. These are just gorgeous and they will be going to my niece as a special little gift! If you have a little girl or need to buy a gift for a little girl have a look at this etsy store - there are some VERY cute products!!

In the prize pack there was a gorgeous Lemon Vanilla Scrub and Soap from Inner Earth. I am now a big fan of Inner Earth Soaps, there are even some wonderful soaps just for Men. You can also visit Erin at her blog HERE.

Next mention is the cute matching mirror and scrabble tile pendant from The Pendant Factory. In fact I love the pendant so much I bought a very cute owl one for my step-daughters 11th birthday! They are very reasonable and make a pretty cool gift.

Finally, the most amazing for last. In the picture above you will see a beautiful handmade arm cuff - this is made by Simone from Coralia, and it is just amazing. Simone is so talented and the cuff is too gorgeous to be able to describe here - if you are looking for a one of a kind jewellery piece I highly recommend having a look at the pieces at Coralia!

So a huge thank you to Lilly and all the contributors, I can't say enough how gorgeous all your products are and I am having a wonderful time using everything. THANK YOU!

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