Monday, July 27, 2009

A Fantastic Review!!

The lovely Michelle of The House of Vintner has done the most lovely write-up on some of my products. I just had to post here all the lovely things she has had to say about Your Cheeky Monkey!

The House of Vintner has pleasure in releasing a review of 5 marvellous products available from Your Cheeky Monkey - one of my favourite online stores that I wholeheartedly support and endorse! It was through Monique that I found the unique business website connecting mums, called Connect2Mums!

Your Cheeky Monkey is an online store that caters to the whole family with a very special emphasis on hand-made, organic and fair-trade. Monique, the owner-operator of Your Cheeky Monkey, based on the Gold Coast, produces quality items at great prices. There are many products in Monique’s store worthy of note, however, for the purpose of this review I have just 5 to share with you this time.

I recently purchased some beautiful items from Your Cheeky Monkey which arrived at my door within a very short space of time. Well-packaged and complete with special goody bag via the Connect2Mums network, I was thrilled to these quality products:-

1. Covered Notebook
2. Fregie Sack
3. TagNCuddle
4. Tote Bag
5. Hand-made card

Monique’s hand-made covered notebooks are of a high-standard, using beautiful fabric that is, in her words ‘top quality upholstery cut-offs and samples sourced to avoid land-fill.’ This is a wonderful idea, because it is reducing waste and serving a purpose as a beautiful keep-sake gift for someone who likes to keep a journal, or their work or school notes in a safe place that is a spectacular talking point! Her hand-made cards are also a really special addition to any gift. Monique puts as much thought and effort into her hand-made cards as she does with all of her products.

The Fregie sack bag is a new idea to me, but I’ve discovered it is really innovative and novel and definitely worth checking out! This information was derived from Monique’s info page about them:-

The Fregie Sack is a unique bag that fills a gap in the fruit and vegetable sector as an alternative to using plastic bags. The bags are made from nylon netting in a range of colours, ensuring durability, and are finished with a drawstring to keep those small pieces contained and end your days of fishing around at the bottom of your green bag.

Now that I have mine, I can see what all the hype is about! They are sturdy and fabulous for many uses. I am using mine for those bits and pieces of makeup I always take out with me that disappear to the bottom of my handbag! I really believe the Fregie sacks are going to take off and are worth your time and attention if you are looking for something a bit different to service many uses! Monique lists a valuable range of uses for them on her site . Please take a moment to read more here.

I am also well and truly sorted now having purchased a beautiful soft Tote Bag from Monique’s gorgeous range of recycled jeans tote bags. I am thrilled with mine. Made from really soft and durable fabric, with a sturdy tie, this bag is a ‘take anywhere, functional item that is not only useful but a pretty cute fashion statement too!’ I love the fabrics that have been used! Hand-made and really fabulous, I am loving mine and I will be using it to go lots of places! I can throw in my fregie sack of makeup, and my notebook and I am good to go!
More importantly, our youngest is ‘good to go’ as well! As the recipient of one of Monique’s beautiful TagNCuddle ‘taggie’ blankies, I am certain this one is going to be a favourite in our home for a long time to come. Initially I wanted to purchase it for our next baby, but I know that our 2 year old will enjoy having it in his cot at bedtime, and it suits the jungle theme of his room. As you can see by the photos he is already a big fan of TagnCuddle! The one I have purchased has the really cute ‘Your Cheeky Monkey’ logo on it. Monique had this fabric custom-made and it is one of my favourite prints in her store; however, because she has so many really lovely fabrics, it does make choosing very difficult.

Why not contact Monique to purchase a very special gift pack for yourself, or a mum-to-be, go wild on the fregie sacks, pick a fabulous tote, see her really sweet fingerpuppets, cuski comforters for baby, the skincare line she carries and much more... Can’t decide? Why not ask Monique about a gift voucher?

Other lines by Monique include but are not limited to:-
*Burp cloths
*Handmade soft toys
* Appliqu├ęd items
*Crochet wrap sets
And much much more...


Michelle Hayward & Family said...

Thanks so much Monique!
I had fun reviewing your beautiful products - they really are all as excellent as I said!
I tell everyone! :)

clare's craftroom said...

Congratulations , that is a fabulous review !