Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Well there is a few finds I wanted to mention today...

First up is at the lovely Fijian Beauty Website - They have a blog called Tip Junkie which has all sorts of Budget Busting beauty tips. You will even find one there from me!! Worth a look for some great beauty tips.

At the EP Designs blog I saw this post on Speed Drawing, with a couple of You Tube videos to watch - these time lapse videos are amazing, I particularly like the one of the baby.

Petite Street is a new blog "Where Mothers Stop Before They Shop" run by a group of 4 friends - they are showcasing some really cute stuff, why not pop over for a look and sign up for the newsletter while you are there.

Finally, the Kids Healthy Life website is in the process of setting up new directories for Healthy Hints and also a Business Directory. If you have children, especially school aged kids, have a look at this website for some interesting stuff!

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