Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Little Monster

Introducing.... My Little Monster!!! I just adore this little critter, inspired by my 2 sons. I made similar soft toys for them a while ago but have made some changes and here is my final product.

My Little Monster stands about 24 cm high (from toes to top of ribbon horn), and is constructed from pure wool felt backing and eyes, 100% cotton quilting fabric front panel (this print in orange with cute bugs and butterflies in green and blue), ribbon hands and horns, buttons for eyes (sewn on with floss - an old belly-dancing trick - floss never breaks!), and as always with my soft toys stuffed with pure wool stuffing, gentle and natural for your little one :)

I have to admit, though, I had inspiration for the zig-zag eyes from a couple of other soft toys I have seen on other blogs - The Snigglebottoms from Little Diva, and George the Octopus from f.pea. Its just so much more fun using pinking shears to cut the eyes than plain old circles stitched on.

You can find My Little Monster at Your Cheeky Monkey for just $19.95.

Keep an eye out for more colours and patterns soon! Also I will be stocking this week some fabric covered note-books, the baby beanies that I have previously only sold in my gift packs (with a twist, can't wait to show you these!), and I will be putting together some gorgeous gift packs for new mums too. How exciting!!


danielle said...

this little guy is too cute! love the ribbon hands and horns- perfect!!

Mee a Bee said...

He's very cute!! I don't have the patience to make things like this. I much prefer bags!