Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are you disorganised?

I have just found a very interesting article at the blog "Organize Your Life" - and how being pro-active about keeping your life organized can help keep depression at bay. Its very interesting reading and if you would like to read this in full visit the blog post HERE.


Rosey said...

Thanks for the link to a great article. For me, I definitely feel overwhelmed and "out of my depth" when my home is shambolic (which is often!)... a tidy home is definitely uplifting to my spirit. :-)

PS LOVE the new look blog. The monkeys are CUTE!

Claudette said...

This article is fantastic, what a great blog - thanks for linking me to it!
I hope that more people will take the pro-active approach to life to keep everything at bay - depression, old age, cynicism, cockroaches (the list is endless!)

Organize Your Life said...

Thanks for the mention. :)

I love your cheeky monkey's too.
Anything that brings a smile to your dial can only be a good /positive thing!