Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soap Socks and Orchids

I wanted to start this post with a picture of my orchid!

I have for many years been a (not very good) orchid grower.

This is the only plant that I have that flowers every year, even though I can't remember the last time I watered or fertilized!!

So there we have it, a beautiful picture for you!

Up next for mention is a great new product I have just listed in store.

What are these funny looking things you might ask?

Well, they are SOAP SOCKS - basically little bags crocheted from 8ply cotton to use in the shower or bath. Great for the whole family - in fact my young sons just love the one I have been trialling myself.

They really are a face cloth / scrubber / soap saver all-in-one!

Normal size soaps fit in them just fine, but the best thing is that when your soap bar gets low you just put another soap in without chucking out the old bit - no more wasted soap!!

And you can just hand or machine wash these when you feel the need.

Only $5.95 each (not including soap) and keep your eyes out for lots more colors in the range.

Go HERE to see the Soap Savers.

Go HERE to see our Organic Soaps great for the whole family.

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aquabub said...

Wow the pic of your orchid looks like a painting! Beautiful :0) Orchids always remind me of my late 'Gran' who used to breed orchids and show them in competitions :0)

Your soap socks look great too!