Saturday, April 25, 2009

Winter Slow Cooker Recipe

The cooler weather is well and truly approaching now.. I thought I might share with you my secret recipe for my Slow Cooker Casserole..


In the morning, place in your slow cooker these ingredients in this order:
About 6 potatoes peeled and cubed
Wedge of pumpkin peeled and cubed
Sweet potato peeled and cubed
A couple of carrots peeled and diced
Wedge of cabbage sliced
A couple of onions diced
PLEASE NOTE you can omit any vegies you don't like and add in any you do - I really just throw in whatever I have in the fridge at the time (this is a great way to use up all those vegies sitting in your fridge so they don't go to waste!)
You can fill your Slow Cooker nearly full with veg.

On top of your veg place 1kg of raw meat - I like organic chicken thighs (leave whole) boneless and skinless or diced top quality gravy beef (like wagyu if you can get it).. I like to pay a bit more for good meat because as you will see, this recipe make a huge amount so it actually works out quite cheap per portion.

Over the meat tip a large jar of your favorite pasta sauce (or whatever you have in the cupboard!) - about 500-750g is good. DO NOT PUT ANY MORE LIQUID IN - everything cooks down to a perfect amount of liquid, and do not stir.

Put lid on and set to low

Mid-afternoon or evening, you can give it a good stir if you want.

Just before serving, stir through a small tub of sour cream. Stir through and let warm for a few minutes. You can serve this on its own or with rice, noodles or bread.

This recipe does our family for 3 meals - I normally divide into 3 - one for that nights dinner, one in the fridge for leftovers the next night, and one in the freezer!

This is a fantastic stroganoff like meal where the vegies all cook down so even my toddlers who spot any green gobble this down without realising its mostly vegies!  This recipe is also fantastic to blend up to desired consistency with a little milk for babies - smooth for younger babies, or leave a bit lumpy for older babies.


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Jodie said...

This recipe would be perfect today as it feels like it's about to snow here in The Dandenong's!!

Melinda said...

Mmmmm, that sounds nice. And it freezes too, what a winner! Will definately be trying this one. Thanks!

Ace Virtual Assistance said...

Fantastic recipe. I just LOOOOOVE my slow cooker. It is so nice being able to whack it on in the morning and then have time for work and play with my littlies and then have dinner cooked and ready to serve at the end of the day. Hubby loves it too.

chrisowen said...

Yum this sounds terrific and I love the ways mothers invent to fool their kids into eating veges. Our sons tell us now that they knew they were being fooled but because they couldn't taste them they were prepared to eat them!
Hmm I think I had em fooled for a while. Hunger is a very good motivator!!

Rosey said...

That sounds YUM! I love tomato-based stewy things. I need to get me a slow cooker though... :-)

Amanda L said...

Ooh that sounds soooo delicious. Might have to put it on the menu for next week (have to get the slow cooker out of storage though)