Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Handmade Baby Gifts are the Best!

Going through the treasure chest of baby stuff from when my sons were born, the only things I have kept have been the ones that were handmade (either by myself or something that was given as a gift). These were all the things that were made with love and thought and time from the gift giver. They are all so very precious. Handmade baby gifts are unique and original keepsakes, which can be preserved and loved for many years to come. A collection of handmade items reminds your child when they are grown of how special they were when they were born!

In my collection I have the knitted beanie from a family friend, the little cardigan from my grandmother who is in her 90’s, the assorted booties and baby blankets. They were well used, the only disappointment how quickly baby grew out of them! I hope to keep these to pass down to my grandchildren.

In today's busy, commercial and materialistic world when you can buy the best ready-made (and mass produced) baby products and gifts, the baby gifts that have been handcrafted have perhaps greatly lost their value. But then also these handmade baby gifts are considered by many people to be the best reflection of one's love and affection for the baby. There are so many other gifts that you get given that are practical and much needed items – clothing, toys, books and more – but as we all know your baby’s first few months pass by in the flash of an eye. These all get given or thrown away, there is very little emotional attachment to them. But how can you bring yourself to pass on a special gift that has been made just for your little one?

I believe that a handmade gift contains not only the fabric, cotton, yarn or wool that it is made from, but that it is also infused with much love from the maker. Just imagine your baby swaddled in all that love and joy!

Some of the reasons why it is great to give a handmade gift for a baby:

• You don’t have to worry someone else will give exactly the same thing.
• You can tailor something to exactly suit Mum and baby.
• You know they are more than likely to be made with top quality fabrics and yarns.
• That it is unique, original and practical.
• It is not produced overseas or in a sweatbox factory.
• You can make (or buy) it as traditional or as funky as you like.
• If you make it yourself it is cheaper than buying in a store.
• If you purchase it from a crafter you know you are supporting a hard-working local person (more than likely a Mum themselves).

So when you are thinking of a baby gift for someone (or even for your own baby), consider making a special gift yourself, or have a hunt around for a beautiful handcrafted gift. I can guarantee that it will be much admired and appreciated, and it will be sure to be tucked away for future generations in the recipient’s own special baby box.

Monique Nickalls JP (Qual) BSc (hons) Dip Prof Couns., is also the Owner & proud baby product designer & handcrafter at


JohBD said...

After receiving one of your products and reading this passionate post, I can see how much love you put into whatever you do Monique.

Peace said...

I agree Monique, there's something so precious about handmade gifts, and they are more special now than ever before. Your blog looks great too, well done!

MJ said...

Couldn't agree more the handmade items are the special ones :)

Annette Piper said...

How very true- I have only kept handmade or personalised/hand embellished items from my children too. They're far more special.